Interdisciplinary Center for Interface-Controlled Processes (ICICP)


Interdisciplinary centers at the University of Erlangen are formed to improve the activities between different faculties and scientific disciplines.

The Interdisciplinary center for "Interface-controlled processes" at the University of Erlangen is a joint collaboration of research groups from physics, chemistry and material science, who focus on fundamental material properties, which can be manipulated via the interface between different materials.

The Center focuses on three main topics:
1. Preparation of interface-modified geometric structures (concerns mainly structural properties)
2. Structure-property relationship in interface-modified structures and applications (electronic, optical properties, theoretical descriptions)
3. Interfaces of particulate systems and interface-stabilized nanoparticles

Statutes of the ICICP (pdf-file)

Executive Board

Prof. Dr. Jörg Libuda (Speaker)
e-mail: libuda(at)
Prof. Dr. Alexander Schneider
Tel. 09131-8528405
e-mail: alexander.schneider (at)
Prof. Dr. Andreas Görling
Tel. 09131-8529404
e-mail: andreas.goerling(at)

Responsibilities within the executive board:
Prof. J. Libuda: research
Prof. A. Schneider: public relations
Prof. A. Görling: teaching, graduate course